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David Swartley Agency is a marketing, advertising and public relations agency in Goshen Indiana. I have over 25 years of experience in the field. I am a published author of two books and numerous magazine articles, lecturer and public speaker, college instructor in Communications and Writing, magazine publisher, and editor.

The four keys to Branding (Awareness) success in advertising and marketing are as follows:

1. Consistency with your advertising message.
2. Reaching your target both demographically and geographically
3. Sustaining the frequency of your message
4. Image.

A single positive experience with a customer in your business leads to 3 people your customer will tell, but people tend to forget, and that’s why numbers 1 – 4 above are so important. This leads to loyal customers, repeat business, and referrals!

Your 2 most important INVESTMENTS:

1. Your Customers.
2. Your Advertising.

Advertising and Marketing is similar to your Insurance Policies. You can’t be without insurance, and you can’t be without advertising. It takes a Commitment – and it pays off.

We believe that the more we as an agent for your business is involved in every aspect of your marketing, advertising, and public relations promotions; the more affective your campaigns and messages will be to your potential customers.
Listed below are a few of the services we offer our clients:

• Overall Marketing Strategy & Planning.
• Maintain and Strengthen a Public Image.
• Media Outreach.
• Tradeshow Exhibit Marketing & Management.
• Social Media Management.
• Website Design, Development, & Maintenance.
• Direct Marketing – Email and Print.
• Newsletter Development & Maintenance.
• In-house audio division available for TV and Radio commercials, videos, and company jingles.

• Advertising – Print, Online, Video, TV, & Radio.
• Corporate Identity, Logo, Stationery, Etc.
• Brochures
• Fundraising Campaigns.
• Meet with the media on your behalf.
• Defining one’s Opponent.
• And many other things.

Initially, we prepare a Research Marketing Analysis of your business. This helps us to get to know you as well as helps you identify your customer and a strategy. This also avoids a “shot gun” approach to advertising and marketing.

• What has worked and not worked for you?
• Past advertising you’ve done?
• What makes you different from your competition?

Based on our findings, we develop an annual advertising, marketing, public relations budget and strategy.
David Swartley Agency’s goal for you is to partner with you and make your business even more successful.

We only work for ONE type of client business, i.e., one plumber, one electrician, etc.. So, your business gets our EXCLUSIVE attention!

Marketing and Advertising in Goshen  Indiana.

B.A. from Goshen College.
M.S. with honors from Indiana University.
          • Nominated for the “Excellence in Education” award.
University of Notre Dame.
          • Graduate course work in Business and Management.
Marketing, Public Relations, Budgeting, Statistics, and Development.